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2020 Automotive EMC Guide 

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Vehicles these days continue to be equipped with increasingly complex and demanding electronic systems. While this makethe driving experience more convenient and enjoyable, it also brings about new EMC/EMI challenges, which will continue to grow with the introduction of fully autonomous vehicles that rely on radar and other RF technologies.  

The 2020 Automotive EMC Guide is here to helpThe guide is comprised of the latest trends in technology, EMC design, standards, and pre-compliance testing in the automotive space, so automotive EMC engineers and product designers can stay up to date this fast-changing industry. 

The 2020 edition features 30+ pages of articles and reference materials, including:  

  • EMC/EMI Challenges for the Connected Car 
  • Overcoming 76-81 GHz Automotive Radar EMC Challenges 
  • Automotive EMC (Signal Integrity, Automotive Standard, EMC Testing, and Power Circuits) 
  • EMC Equipment Manufacturers Matrix 
  • Automotive EMC Conference Guide  

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