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2019 Automotive 
EMC Guide

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With all the new and increasingly complex technologies being added to vehicles these days, it can be a major challenge for automotive engineers to keep EMI at bay. 

The 2019 Automotive EMC Guide is here to helpThe guide is comprised of the latest trends in technology, EMC design, standards, and pre-compliance testing in the automotive space, so automotive EMC engineers and product designers can stay up to date this fast-changing industry. 

The 2019 edition features articles and content like 

  • Controlling EMI in High-Speed PCB Design 

  • Determining Semi-Anechoic Chamber Resonance as a Source of Radiated Emission Measurement Variation Between Chambers and Comparing to OATS Measurements 

  • Resilience is Key to the Connected and Autonomous Revolution 

  • EMC Equipment Manufacturers Matrix 

  • Automotive EMC Conference Guide

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